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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Organic Compost Delivered ⛟

Today the Tahsis Community Garden Society took delivery of about 24 yards of excellent, organic compost from the Comox Valley Regional District.  This black gold is Net Zero Waste compost.  Many thanks are in order:   

  • Mark Tatchell and Janet St. Denis of the Village of Tahsis who brought the availability of free organic compost from CRVD to the Society's attention.  
  • Stephanie Vidal of the Comox Valley Regional District who provided so much information and arranged it so we could pick it up on a day outside the normal time frame.  
  • Rita Dawson, for working her magic with Carla of Tahsis Farm to coordinate the delivery of a sample load, for securing tarps and prepping the site, and stepping in as Event Photographer.  
  • Tahsis Farmers Carla and Josh for bringing in the first sample load.  
  • Kim Anderson, who spent hours on the phone searching for a trucker willing to load up and transport the compost all the way from Cumberland to Tahsis, and for handling the hire and ultimate delivery. 
  • Silvie Keen, who roped in all the email and coordinated with CVRD to arrange the pick up amount and date, got the word out to members and made sure that Gary Markus Trucking got a cheque!
  • Gary Markus Trucking, who towed the load and the trailer from Cumberland across the island and up and over 'the top' to our remote village.  
  • Terry Fassbender, who rallied from the sick bed and helped guide in the truck and unload.  
  • To everyone who has pledged and/or paid a contribution towards the trucking costs. (Please drop your contribution to Silvie, Kim or Maureen - you know where to find us)

And a special thanks to volunteers who came out today with a message from our garden President, Kim Anderson:   

Everything went off without a hitch today. The compost is here!  I wanted to send a huge shout out to those of you that were able to help out in the garden today! Thank you!  Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it today there is still lots to do!

Also a gentle reminder that we will be prioritizing where the compost goes so please do not take any for your personal bed. We will need all hands on deck when the times come to allocate it.

An extra special Thank You to all the Blackberry Slayers today!  I feel like I had body piercing from head to toe, so prickly!  Even Dan from across the street pitched in and whacked away at those suckers!

Thanks again everyone for a great day in the garden!

Here comes the truck!  


Approaching the back gate

Bringing in the payload

Juanita finds a prime vantage point

First Drop

Is that Kim in the back?

Black Beauty

and off he goes! 

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