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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2017 Slugfest @ the Community Garden

It was a picture perfect day for the 
6th Annual Slugfest at the Tahsis Community Garden.  

Many thanks to Catherine for overseeing the craft table and prizes for the Slug Hunt, and volunteer helpers Lynda and Jesse for lending a hand with set up, tear down and slug count.  Kim provided impromptu garden tours to residents, Silvie made a big platter of fruit kebobs, Juanita came by with Dudley the Indian Runner Duck and Rita made sure the grass was neat and trim for our Tahsis Days event.  Kudos to Allison and Karli for some great photos, and Lauren's donation of potato chips and freezies.  Again thank you Janet for this year's creation of Norman the Slug for our top hunter. 

Catherine & Jesse wait for arrivals
The greatest contribution to the success of the day goes to the many children, parents, grandparents, and aunties & uncles who turned out to hunt slugs, paint flower pots, and enjoy the community garden.

"I'm three!"

The kids had fun finding slugs, burning off some energy, and playing on the woodchip piles. They got to meet Aubrey's new rabbit, say hello to Dudley Duck, sing Happy Birthday to Willow and celebrate with a slice of birthday cake. 

A nice easy afternoon, thank you everyone for coming out. 

picking thyme flowers to give to the dog  (A. Stiglitz photo)

Thanks to Tahsis Community Garden Society President Kim
who donated the fruit and lemonade for Slugfest

new best friends (A. Stiglitz photo)
Rita's Red Scarlets

Adults check out the various garden plots

First Prize Slug Hunter Mateo - well done at 30 some slugs! 

Sweet & Healthy (A. Stiglitz Photo)

Aubrey & Grey (A. Stiglitz Photo)

Art in the Garden (A. Stiglitz Photo)

Slugs!  (A. Stiglitz Photo)
Gabe gives Juanita and Dudley a laugh  (A. Stiglitz Photo)
More great photos of Slugfest and other Tahsis Days events can be found on the Tahsis Living Blog, click here.  

Getting to Work on the Watering (K. Yanchus photo)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Grand Prize Slug

Janet of Tahsis Toys has again created the most unique prize for the Great Slug Hunt at Slugfest this weekend.  It's been hot and dry so it will be a challenge to find the most slugs, but Tahsis kids and visitors should be up for the task. 

Slugfest runs from 3-4 PM on Sunday, July 16.  For a complete list of Tahsis Days events, please drop by or call the Tahsis Recreation Centre.  

Hand-crafted Slug donated by Tahsis Toys - Thank you Janet!

Silent Auction Donation

Guess what the Community Garden is donating to this year's Silent Auction.  Hint - is it bigger than a breadbox?  
Answer - it is a breadbox!  And it comes with a matching shelf with hooks for hanging your hat or your garden gloves.  

Sincere thanks to Society Director Rita (aka rockstar volunteer) who made this year's donation on behalf of the Tahsis Community Garden Society.

tiled shelf and bread box

Be sure to visit the Recreation Centre on the weekend to view all kinds of cool items at the Silent Auction and get your bid in on this matching kitchen shelf and breadbox, 
valued at $75 for the set.  

tile detail on breadbox

tile detail on shelf - shelf is approx 3 ft in length

Monday, July 10, 2017

Forecast: Hot and Sluggy

With the hot temperatures easing off this week, plants are starting to grow again.  Here is an informative article about How Hot Weather Affects Plants, all the way from the Gardening Volunteers of South Texas.  Hot soil seems to be more of an issue than hot sun, and it's important to water deeply - it encourages the roots to go down.  Mulching will help as well, now that most of our plants have passed the seedling stage and are less susceptible to slug damage. 

PJ's beans are setting flowers and looking really healthy.  
If you choose to use slug bait, opt for one containing iron, which will not harm pets or wildlife vs. old school metaldehyde products.  When applying slugbait, spread it sparingly over the surface of the bed.  Even though it's tempting to make a 'protective' ring around your prized plant, that concentration of bait is an advertisement that will draw slugs to your plant's location.  If you are going to advertise, do 'Free Beer' and set up a container trap for the slugs to enjoy. 

2016 Grand Prize Winner
(K.Yanchus Photo)
Another effective way to avoid slug damage is to hand gather them in the evening, or turn loose a bunch of kids to hunt them down at Slugfest.  Janet of Tahsis Toys has donated another hand-crafted (and highly coveted) Slug as a unique first prize for the most successful Slug Hunter. 

Highly recommended for further reading, see BC Best seller, "Backyard Bounty - The Complete Guide to Year-Round Organic Gardening in the Pacific Northwest" by Linda Gilkeson.