Who are We?

We are the Tahsis Community Garden Society. Please email us at tahsiscommunitygardensociety@gmail.com

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Strawberries are ripening!

Gardeners, don't forget to stop by the communal strawberry patch for a snack while gardening... the strawberries are ripening!  Juanita and I each had a handful yesterday and they are amazing.  You can't beat strawberries that taste like strawberries!  |Enjoy!  We are thankful to Marta for donating those strawberry plants a couple of years ago, and to Alisa for transplanting them.  They are still going strong!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Special Thanks

Thank you Paul for volunteering your time and mowing the garden grass.

Not only does Paul mow, but last weekend I found him at the garden with his generator, to run his whipper snipper around the edges!

 Janet, Paul's better half (and our society vice-president) was busy today trasplanting some good looking cukes and planting onions!

Strathcona Food Security Project

Last Saturday, we were lucky to have a visit from Cynthia Bendickson, the co-ordinator of the Strathcona Food Security Project.  Cynthia enjoyed her tour of the garden and expressed her admiration for our successful community garden, and school meal programs.  Cynthia hosted an open house and an inspiring discussion about food security issues in Tahsis.

2 websites to check out:
The Strathcona Food Security Project website, with schedules of open houses and the reports to read:
Strathcona Food Security Project

A new blog which will be a great resource for everyone concerned with food security issues in and around Tahsis:
Food Security Tahsis

After a long blogging hiatus

Spring is Sprung, and I'm starting to chronicle the Tahsis Community Garden's events again.  There has been a lot of activity lately, and this will be our best year ever.  Almost every bed has been started and all our members are excited about what we've planted so far.