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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cob Oven Complete!

Many thanks to the people who came out to work today, and thank you Silvie for the amazing lunch!  Sweet and smoky roasted vegetable and brown rice wraps with pesto mayo, smoked salmon arugula pasta salad (so lemony and bright!) and a rich blackberry crumble.  In other words, pretty much the ideal Tahsis meal.  (Can't wait until you open your restaurant, by the way!)

 A huge thank you to everyone who volunteered behind the scenes, helping gather sand and clay, or bringing bricks and supplies from town, lending buckets or the countless other ways that people support us.  And we appreciate our workshop leader Traci, who brings enthusiasm, fresh artistic ideas and a strong back to every project.  Kudos Traci!

Can't wait for our pizza night!

And the harvesting continues, G pulled out beets, carrots and green tomatoes today, well done!

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  1. oh, i am so excited to see this! Great job to everyone who made it out! I look forward to my next visit from Calgary! Tahsis is such an amazing place and it is people like you guys who make it even better!