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We are the Tahsis Community Garden Society. Please email us at tahsiscommunitygardensociety@gmail.com

Monday, July 23, 2012

Slugfest 2012

Tahsis Days has been alot of fun this year, and one of the highlights for many people has been the SLUGFEST event at the Tahsis Community Garden.  Many people worked very hard to make the garden's involvement in Tahsis Days a success, Catherine, Traci, Kim, Debbie and her daughters, Tena, Alisa, Roger, Sarah, Silvie, the younger kids, just to name some of them, and many of these same gardeners worked so hard on our Tahsis Community Garden Float for the parade, as well.  We did come in 1st place for our beautiful float!  Our FLOWER POWER themed float was gorgeous, and the kids who rode the float with Traci had a blast throwing out daisies and giving away homemade beaded necklaces, with the Jimi Hendrix blaring out the stereo.

Slugfest attracted children of all ages to our garden and the scavenger hunt organized by catherine was very challenging and fun.  kids were running around finding "something fuzzy/something for the compost bin/something to make tea out of/something smooth, etc etc etc.  One of the challenges was to try a piece of durian melon, an unusual delicacy to be enjoyed by adventurous people who are not deterred by odd smells and unusual textures.  The general consensus was that it was good, very sweet, like a cross between pumpkin, custard and banana.  The kids, who have had their horizons broadened and their palettes educated all school year by Silvie and her wonderful Farm to School program, rarely hesitated to try something new.

Local families and visitors to the garden this weekend commented on the beauty and success of our space.  It truly is a wonderful place, and all the people involved in our garden are part of this positive, healthy, remarkable growing spot of community spirit. 

And then there's the slugs, the bags and bags of slugs.... i didn't do a final count, but i estimate we collected up about two hundred slugs yesterday afternoon.  After the festivities, we brought the bucket over to Juanita's duck pens and without describing the brutally swift scene of carnage that followed, i can say that the 6 ducks greatly appreciated the feast.

The winning float!

Durian Melons

Scavenger hunt

Tena and Catherine

Traci and the kids making dream catchers

These guys found DOZENS of slugs

Visiting friends from the Produce Availability Initiative

Bags of slugs

Puddle stomping

slug hunter Ellen

Andrea and Marion on the float

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Bull of the Woodstock
July 20-21-22

The Tahsis Community Garden Society
Presents the 2nd Annual

Free activities for children of all ages include a craft table, a scavenger hunt and the great SLUG hunt competition. 
Have fun and win prizes!

Saturday, July 21, 2012  4pm – 5:30pm

At the Tahsis Community Garden

For more info please call Catherine at (250) 934-6303

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Childrens' Summer Garden Program

Day one and everyone had alot of fun!  When I dropped in they were all throwing their hand made "Seed Bombs" in the field behind the garden, and plotting where to throw the extras they were all taking home.  The kids were also munching on the herb chervil to try something new and tasty.  They tell me it has a bit of a licorice flavour.  Thank you so much Traci for running this program!  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Have you registered for the CHILDREN'S SUMMER GARDEN PROGRAM yet?

This is a free program for CMESS students 6 and up, preregistration required as class ...size is limited.

Runs every Wed starting July 11th to Aug 29 from 10 - 12 noon at the Tahsis Community Garden.

Outdoor activities, environmentallly friendly arts & crafts AND garden fun.

Msg traci.ann.berg@gmail.com for more info.

Monday, July 9, 2012

July in the Garden

 I believe this is some sort of fancy kale?

Sophia, the garden girl

After bugging her dad to spray her with the hose, he obliged

Some Tahsis-themed "flower pots"

Looking very lush

 The foxgloves are lovely and really draw the bees to our space

Tomatoes in the greenhouse

Gareth standing next to the garlic he helped plant last fall

The garlic scapes are so beautiful

The Farm to School bed is really filling in

I can't tell if this is one of "our" bees, but there are lots around right now!

The colours in the garden are amazing right now

Squash blossom


Make sure to pick a berry or two for a little treat next time you drop by!