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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sunday, November 26, 2017

PAC Christmas Bazaar

A good time was had by all at the annual Christmas Bazaar organized by Allison of our local Parent Advisory Council.  Many thanks Allison - no small feat!  The Community Garden's Festive Fruit Bowl Raffle was won by Allison's son Seth - so fresh fruit for the whole family!  

Thank you everyone who purchased a ticket and to those members that took care of their membership renewals, and to volunteers Rita, Kim and Silvie who manned the table at the bazaar.  Next meeting is tomorrow night (Nov. 27) 7 pm at the Tahsis Seniors Center.  

Monday, November 20, 2017

PAC Bazaar Sunday, Nov. 26 from 11 til 2

The Community Garden will have a table at the PAC Bazaar on Sunday.  Memberships may be renewed or purchased from Silvie or Rita, and we are raffling off a big, festive bowl filled with fresh fruit.  

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Upcoming Dates

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November 30th
November 30th
Monday, November 27 @ 7 pm
Seniors Centre

Sunday, November 26th

December 31st

Thanks All!
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Thursday, September 21, 2017

All Members - Garden Meeting Notice

Next Meeting:  26 Sept @ 7 pm
Tahsis Recreation Centre 
Meeting Room

The agendas have been emailed, thank you!

August  2017

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2017 Slugfest @ the Community Garden

It was a picture perfect day for the 
6th Annual Slugfest at the Tahsis Community Garden.  

Many thanks to Catherine for overseeing the craft table and prizes for the Slug Hunt, and volunteer helpers Lynda and Jesse for lending a hand with set up, tear down and slug count.  Kim provided impromptu garden tours to residents, Silvie made a big platter of fruit kebobs, Juanita came by with Dudley the Indian Runner Duck and Rita made sure the grass was neat and trim for our Tahsis Days event.  Kudos to Allison and Karli for some great photos, and Lauren's donation of potato chips and freezies.  Again thank you Janet for this year's creation of Norman the Slug for our top hunter. 

Catherine & Jesse wait for arrivals
The greatest contribution to the success of the day goes to the many children, parents, grandparents, and aunties & uncles who turned out to hunt slugs, paint flower pots, and enjoy the community garden.

"I'm three!"

The kids had fun finding slugs, burning off some energy, and playing on the woodchip piles. They got to meet Aubrey's new rabbit, say hello to Dudley Duck, sing Happy Birthday to Willow and celebrate with a slice of birthday cake. 

A nice easy afternoon, thank you everyone for coming out. 

picking thyme flowers to give to the dog  (A. Stiglitz photo)

Thanks to Tahsis Community Garden Society President Kim
who donated the fruit and lemonade for Slugfest

new best friends (A. Stiglitz photo)
Rita's Red Scarlets

Adults check out the various garden plots

First Prize Slug Hunter Mateo - well done at 30 some slugs! 

Sweet & Healthy (A. Stiglitz Photo)

Aubrey & Grey (A. Stiglitz Photo)

Art in the Garden (A. Stiglitz Photo)

Slugs!  (A. Stiglitz Photo)
Gabe gives Juanita and Dudley a laugh  (A. Stiglitz Photo)
More great photos of Slugfest and other Tahsis Days events can be found on the Tahsis Living Blog, click here.  

Getting to Work on the Watering (K. Yanchus photo)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Grand Prize Slug

Janet of Tahsis Toys has again created the most unique prize for the Great Slug Hunt at Slugfest this weekend.  It's been hot and dry so it will be a challenge to find the most slugs, but Tahsis kids and visitors should be up for the task. 

Slugfest runs from 3-4 PM on Sunday, July 16.  For a complete list of Tahsis Days events, please drop by or call the Tahsis Recreation Centre.  

Hand-crafted Slug donated by Tahsis Toys - Thank you Janet!

Silent Auction Donation

Guess what the Community Garden is donating to this year's Silent Auction.  Hint - is it bigger than a breadbox?  
Answer - it is a breadbox!  And it comes with a matching shelf with hooks for hanging your hat or your garden gloves.  

Sincere thanks to Society Director Rita (aka rockstar volunteer) who made this year's donation on behalf of the Tahsis Community Garden Society.

tiled shelf and bread box

Be sure to visit the Recreation Centre on the weekend to view all kinds of cool items at the Silent Auction and get your bid in on this matching kitchen shelf and breadbox, 
valued at $75 for the set.  

tile detail on breadbox

tile detail on shelf - shelf is approx 3 ft in length

Monday, July 10, 2017

Forecast: Hot and Sluggy

With the hot temperatures easing off this week, plants are starting to grow again.  Here is an informative article about How Hot Weather Affects Plants, all the way from the Gardening Volunteers of South Texas.  Hot soil seems to be more of an issue than hot sun, and it's important to water deeply - it encourages the roots to go down.  Mulching will help as well, now that most of our plants have passed the seedling stage and are less susceptible to slug damage. 

PJ's beans are setting flowers and looking really healthy.  
If you choose to use slug bait, opt for one containing iron, which will not harm pets or wildlife vs. old school metaldehyde products.  When applying slugbait, spread it sparingly over the surface of the bed.  Even though it's tempting to make a 'protective' ring around your prized plant, that concentration of bait is an advertisement that will draw slugs to your plant's location.  If you are going to advertise, do 'Free Beer' and set up a container trap for the slugs to enjoy. 

2016 Grand Prize Winner
(K.Yanchus Photo)
Another effective way to avoid slug damage is to hand gather them in the evening, or turn loose a bunch of kids to hunt them down at Slugfest.  Janet of Tahsis Toys has donated another hand-crafted (and highly coveted) Slug as a unique first prize for the most successful Slug Hunter. 

Highly recommended for further reading, see BC Best seller, "Backyard Bounty - The Complete Guide to Year-Round Organic Gardening in the Pacific Northwest" by Linda Gilkeson. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Greenways Trust Visit on June 25th

Terry shares his knowledge of micro-biology with demo Farm to School bed at the Tahsis Community Garden
Greenways Trust folk were in Tahsis last Sunday to tour the garden, see market stand 'the Local', enjoy lunch at Westview Marina, and learn about our Farm to School program. The day was capped off with a visit to the newly established Tahsis Farm.  

Many thanks to Karli and Aubrey for playing tour guides.   Have a look at  Tahsis Living Blogspot for a recap of the visit. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

1st Annual Summer Solstice Party

Many thanks to Karli for taking photographs at the Solstice garden party and for her blog post.  Have a look at
to read the post and see more photos.  Tahsis Living is the 'go-to' page for everything Tahsis.    

Twenty-four people came out to welcome summer and share some lovingly prepared food.  We had a proper garden blessing, summery tunes, a nice fire kindled with blackberry brambles, and fair weather.  

photo credit:  K. Yanchus

A heartfelt thanks to the awesome volunteers who helped with setup and takedown.   Kudos esp to Rita and Blake who gave the grass a nice trim, cleaned up the chairs, and for donating the fireworks.  What a way to kick off summer!  

Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Solstice Potluck June 20

Summer Solstice
Potluck Dinner

Tuesday, June 20th
@ 6:00 PM

Tahsis Community Garden

Garden Members & Guests
Come and celebrate the first day of Summer!

All members welcome and are welcome to invite guests to participate in our potluck. We will have a fire in the burn ring.  Remember that the garden is a Trash Free Zone, bring real plates/utensils vs. plastics and disposables. Bug spray highly recommended. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

TLS Mushroom Seminar this Sat 17 June

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Greenways Trust Visit: Sunday, June 25

Representatives and guests of Greenways Trust will be visiting Tahsis the afternoon of Sunday, June 25th on behalf of the Strathcona Food Security network. 

Visitors will tour the Tahsis Community Garden, gain an understanding about the local F2S and Breakfast Club programs at CMESS, and learn about “The Local” market stand.  

It will be a great opportunity for networking and connecting with others about the challenges of food security in remote communities.  

For more information, please contact alanna@greenwaystrust.ca 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Second Mason bee house

At a farmers' market in Port Alberni, I found this Mason bee house for a ridiculously good price. Have put it up on the wishing well. Not sure if Mason bees return to their original house to lay eggs or if some will use this one. If not this year, maybe next. 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Drip Demo May 28th

"Another shout out to 
Terry, Silvie, Maureen & Mervin, Bill & Catherine 
for showing off the community garden today. 
Terry and Silvie for the hands on irrigation system 
demo in the greenhouse. I think the public has a 
better understanding of how it all goes together 
and the different watering options that are 
available depending on what you are growing. 
 I know I do. Great job everyone!!"
- Kim, TCGS President

Garden volunteers were on site Sunday to demo the drip irrigation system.  Thanks to everyone who came out and sincere thanks again to the Tahsis Literacy Society for funding the drip irrigation project.  

The community garden is looking neat and tidy - thank you Terry, Kim, Maureen, Merv, Pat and Jim for stepping up and getting this done the day before.  That's one great haircut! 

The various components of our greenhouse system. 

A hole is punched into the header line to connect either a feeder line for a drip spike, or a soaker line directed to individual plant roots.  

Once connected, this soaker line is laid out 
to direct water to Catherine's tomatoes. 

Terry is growing ginger and melons in the centre bed, 
let's revisit this garden effort in a few weeks! 


Terry loops the soaker line around and Bill adds finishing touches to the bed. 

Locally milled cedar from Bill VS will be used
for the Farm to School garden upgrade - it smells wonderful.  

Next whole work project is the F2S beds. We have all the lumber and just waiting for a few more bolts to come in at Tahsis Building Supply. 
Terry will keep us all posted as to when he is ready for our hands on help.

Village administrator Janet stops by to check out our system and tour the garden.  Many thanks to Chuck St. Denis for providing all of these wonderful photographs. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Learn about
Drip Irrigation
at the
Tahsis Community Garden
Sunday, May 28th
from 1 til 3 pm

Everyone Welcome

With great appreciation, the community garden recently received funding from the Tahsis Literacy Society for two drip irrigation systems, one for the Community Garden greenhouse and the other for the Farm to School (F2S) garden area. 

The greenhouse system is operational.  For any community members interested in learning about drip irrigation, garden volunteers will be on hand this Sunday to demonstrate its benefits and provide information on installations.  Drop by anytime between 1 and 3 pm. 

The Farm to School garden is currently ‘under construction’.  Its drip irrigation set up will use three different types of systems, and the installation will provide more of a ‘hands on’ learning experience for community members.  Date of this event to be determined.  A sign-up sheet for the F2S installation will be available on site on Sunday.