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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beds are filling up in the Greenhouse

Juanita, Kim, Maureen and Mervin have been all working at filling up the beds in the greenhouse, 1/3 leaves 2/3 soil.  We are hoping to have enough soil to finish filling all the beds in the greenhouse so please don't top up any outside beds with the communal piles of soil.  It never goes as far as you'd imagine, eh?  A good reminder that composting and soil building is important in our soil starved village.

Kim wants to pass on the message that if you are interested in lending a hand (and shovel) please don't forget to add the leaves, leave the middle bed until last, and we will have a meeting to divy up greenhouse space soon.  Thanks again for another great work party everyone!

A quick note of thanks to Doug Edward, who volunteered to help his friends and neighbourhood gardeners by driving the truck and loading up and unloading the (extremely heavy) wood for the beds.  And helping deliver some more donated wooden frame windows to the garden.

By the way, thank you to Judy B. for those windows!  One of the windows has turned a raised bed into a mini greenhouse already.

We really appreciate all the support and help we get from our friends and neighbours here.  Thanks again everyone!        

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