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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Busy Bees Buzzing around the garden

Today's work party was very productive, I won't try to name each contributing member, there were so many people out and about, having fun and working together on several key projects. 

More weedwacking was done, the place is looking very tidy!

Weeding weeding weeding, this is Traci working on her paths.

Tearing up and starting with an empty space for our decorative rock garden bed under our holly tree,
shown here where Gareth and Sophia are checking out a handful of worms. 

A few welcome splashes of colour and art have been added to our garden

A temporary yet functional solution to our soft gravel dilemma that was plaguing our gardeners who use motorized wheelchairs or scooters - salvaged plywood with donated shingles for traction

Erv came and redistributed several loads of fill that is now in the right spot for assembling our 2nd garden shed, boy that is better than using wheelbarrows, for sure!

Our gorgeous sign handpainted by artist and gardener Traci is now proudly displayed
on one of our garden gates

We received several heirloom tomato plants and broccoli from a local garden enthusiast, thanks to Liz B!  After the peek inside your own personal greenhouse and garden, I will be coming to you for lots of advice!

Alisa and Sophia enjoy a cuddle by the fire

The Farm to School bed is thriving, even though we need more sun!

The fire was tended and we got rid of a good amount of our burn pile, the hosereel was inspected and we know what parts we need, The Howell kids made a fairy house just for fun, and countless other activities were going on all around.

We had a very special visit from 2 slug killers, Buttercup and Dudley.
They went right to work and left for home with full bellies.
We are all absolutely charmed by these ducks, who started their lives in the incubator in Mrs. S's Kindergarten to grade 3 room. 

HUGE THANK YOUS to everyone who comes out and works so hard on our wonderful, peaceful blossoming garden.  This group inspires true community spirit.  

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  1. That sign could not be more perfect. Love it.