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We are the Tahsis Community Garden Society. Please email us at tahsiscommunitygardensociety@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tahsis Days Scavenger Hunt and Slugfest

I guess this is what happens when a plan comes together. Community Garden Members and the Produce Availability Iniative ladies gave up their precious Tahsis Days time to put on the Tahsis Days Scavenger Hunt and Slugfest. The plan was simple, children under the age of 8 were to find icons of garden intruments in the Community Garden, match them to a sheet they were given upon entry, eat a vegetable or a fruit at the PAI booth, then give their entry in at the greenhouse to get a prize.The older children recieved a sheet of objects to find in the garden, complete the PAI Challenge ( eat a fruit or vegetable at the PAI booth), take the Wood Moving Challenge for extra points and then collect as many slugs as they could.All entries were tallied at the greenhouse by Community Garden Members.Amazingly there were more entries than anticipated, visitors also came to join in. The whole Garden was filled with children and their parents/ caregivers though the weather was less than ideal. The many slugs that were rounded up went to feed Mrs Dulong's ducks, and the large brush pile was shifted to where it can be dealt with later. Many thanks to Debra Conibear, Sharon Carpenter, Debbie Van Solkema the PAI ladies, Nicole and Sharon,Karli Yanchus for the beautiful pics and the Garden Members for helping out.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011


The Tahsis Community Garden is sponsoring a scavenger hunt in the garden on Sat. July 16 at 4:00.
Come one, come all! Three events in one: Kids Under 6 category, Over 6, and Over 12!

The Shed Is Here!

I'm kinda getting impressed about the will and the speed of Garden Members. Debra, Debbie, Sharon and I met to discuss the up and coming Tahsis Days Scavenger Hunt, and Debbie told us some wonderful news.She found 2 sheds at Canadian Tire for a very reasonable price.She was able to pick up one immediately and the other has to be brought up from another store.They are a bit bigger than what we imagined,the bigger format was marginally more expensive than the smaller,and both were an excellent deal. We will have more space to house equipment and tools, and have a bit of cash left over!Perhaps we can use the excess for the gutter or the duck run.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Great Turnout!

Who would ever think that a Gardening meeting would be this week's hot social ticket?
Surprise! We had over 20 members show up for our July 6th meeting hosted by Debra Conibear. We ran out of seats! As our Heart and Stroke money has come in, people gathered together to discuss the timing and the necessity of prioitizing of purchases.We found out that we are now pretty much full to bursting,more soil will need to be imported to fill up the empty beds. Louis van Solkema and Bill Davidson will be checking out Green solutions to our power concerns,Catherine Gorden and Debra Conibear voluteered to host the Tahsis Day Scavenger Hunt,Silvie Keen will be liaisoning with the Produce Availability Initiative people and the Tahsis Days organizers, and a super secret commitee will be taking on the very important task of the Community Garden Float in the Tahsis Days Parade. Meeting notes will be available soon. Extra thanks to all the bakers who brought the loveliest treats and fruit, EVER, and to Debra Conibear ( and Karli Yanchus, Debra's homemaker) for hosting the Meeting.You rock, ladies and gents!