Who are We?

We are the Tahsis Community Garden Society. Please email us at tahsiscommunitygardensociety@gmail.com

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Soil Source

Yesterday at swimming I talked to Alisa, the lifeguard who also works for the village. She said there is a pile of soil at the landfill that was so big it had to be brought in in an 18 wheeler. She thinks it is good stuff; it even has a name - skyrocket. This is just what we need to fill those beds.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Wood!

Yesterday Juanita got a lead on a huge pile of free wood that may be what we need to build beds. Michelle and I are going to look at it this afternoon to see if it is the right stuff.

Michelle and I went to look at the wood that Ray is willing to give to the community garden. It is a HUGH pile. The stack reaches up to the eaves of the garage. There are many wide boards but there are also lots of 2 by 2s and 4 by 4s we can use as corner posts. I think there is enough here to build beds for everyone who wants one. What a gift this is from Ray.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First Committee Meeting

We had our first official committee meeting over breakfast on Monday. A great group of people who are rarin' to go. I have all confidence the work will be done.

Community Garden Design Committee Meeting
Monday, November 16, 2009
9:30 Church Breakfast

Present: Michelle O., Juanita D., Judy B., Stephanie O.

The discussion dealt with the basics needed for the garden to begin. Many other details will make the garden a fun and easy place to work in, but this is what is needed to start.

The Garden needs a guarantee for use of the land for an extended period of time (perhaps 5 years)..Much work will be done and it won’t be worthwhile unless we have an extended period of time. Tena, could you get something in writing from the owner of the trailer court that would give us this promise? There also seems to be several spots to choose from. Could we get a description of what they are?

We need to find a source for the wood to build raised beds. Several we suggested: Sharma’s mill, Ray Robinson, Building Centre, Bill V. mill. These will be investigated.
A standard bed would make the site look tidier. A workshop on bed building would be worthwhile.

Judy B. will talk to the mayor about the soil available and how much there is. There is free soil available from the river bank. Michelle has some in her back yard to share. A soil test may be necessary and VIHA may be able to do that. Compost and manure will be needed to enrich the soil.

There has been a verbal promise of help with the cost of fencing from the village council. Judy will ask the mayor for details. Future VIHA funding may be used for this item.

An onsite greenhouse might be useful in many ways. One could be constructed by volunteers.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Design Committee

I volunteered to be on the community design committee which I think is the most exciting topic. There is so much information on the internet of factors to consider. It made me laugh that a bbq for making tea and coffee was listed as a vital part of the basic infrastructure. The two other women on this committee, M and J, are equally enthusiastic and we plan to meet for breakfast on Monday to put our heads and information together.

History of the Tahsis Community Garden - The Very Beginning

I think this project is really going to turn into something so I am going to document it from the beginning.

The very first meeting was on October 14, 2009 at the Museum. The project is part of a Food Safety initiative sponsored by VIHA and a representative was at the meeting to act as a consultant. There were more than 20 people there and they were all excited.

The second meeting was on November 4. Things began to roll at this meeting. Three committees were established, one dealt with the issues related to community gardens.